Sunday, March 15, 2009

Apple Unveils Smaller 4GB iPod Shuffle for $79

Small has just got Smaller! Yes, Apple has just launched new mini iPOD Shuffle for $79 only. It’s a third generation iPOD shuffle that is without any buttons on its body. Strange, but this is true.
This 4-gigabyte iPOD shuffle can store up to 1000 songs and is just 2 inches long rectangular in shape. It’s body is devoid of any buttons instead its built into the headphone cord. Really, innovation at its very best. This third-generation iPOD shuffle have got more to offer. Its comes with a unique feature called VoiceOver which can speak the song and artist name by just the click of a button. It recognizes 14 different languages.
This cute little iPOD is available in silver and black aluminum body with a shiny stainless steel clip.