Monday, January 26, 2009

Virgin Mobile Offers Free SMS

Virgin Mobile is offering its customers 200 free SMSs everyday.

Virgin Mobile customers will now be able to send 100 National as well as 100 Local; a total of 200 SMSs free daily after paying for the first 3 SMSs on each leg (National and Local respectively) to any network.
M. A. Madhusudan, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Mobile, India said, "Our research shows that youth have a high propensity to consume mobile services and are looking for solutions that give them the flexibility to use mobile services as per their need. Youth around the country send 6 times as many SMSs and have a constant desire to connect & share with their large network of friends, peer group and family. They use SMS as an important device to lead a life of their choice; zoning people in and out from their world as and when they want to and also use it as their Secret Messaging Service (SMS). But, due to voice text pricing parity, sending SMSs are expensive and better deals are usually available only with packs or upfront commitment. However, now with our new free SMS proposition we believe that youth will take up to this medium in a big way and it will become the new voice of the youth.
This offer comes without a pack and the first three local SMSs of the day are charged at Re. 1 each and the first 3 national SMSs are charged at Rs. 1.50 each and thereafter all the SMSs sent are free.
SMSs can be sent to any number across all networks in the country.
The new free SMS offer is available to all Virgin Mobile subscribers across the country without any extra monthly commitment/upfront payment or pack. All new subscribers and the existing subscribers who are already on the New 50 Paise STD Local tariff will get this SMS benefit by default, while the customers who are on the Old 50 Paise Local tariff can avail this benefit by recharging their account by Rs. 12.