Saturday, January 24, 2009

Asus Eee Top Touchscreen PC ET 1602 Launched in India

Asus has launched the Eee Top ET1602 all in one touch screen computer in India. The new computer is aimed towards kids and beginners but it comes with almost all the features of a regular desktop Computer. Looking at it, you will notice that it has a close resemblance to Apple’s iMac. You can keep it anywhere without the hassle of any wires.
It is equipped with 15.6′ five-wired resistive touch panels and almost all the things can be done by the press of a finger. The widescreen LCD is powered by Eee Splendid Video Intelligence technology which ensures that the display will not be effected by other lighting in the room. It is powered by Intel N270 1.6 GHz processor and comes with 1GB RAM , 160 GB HDD, integrated Hi-Fi speakers, Windows XP, Wi-Fi, USB ports, LAN ports.

It is also made for entertainment and comes with a lot of touch optimized applications which will make browsing pictures, music, videos more fun. It is also stylish and wont occupy much space. Simply connect it to a power cord and it will start working. It will come with a lot of applications like Opera Touch which enables you to surf the web by the touch of a fingers and without the use of the keyboard.
It is really a very innovative thing and got a very slick look and feel too. It is priced at Rs 44,000 and will come with a two year warranty.