Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sony PSP Phone!

There’s been plenty of speculation for a really really long time now that Sony would eventually develop a PSP mobile handset. From rumors going around to being shot down every now and again, it seems like there’s some clarity on the situation according to a new report that’s out. At E3 this year, Sony unveiled their latest version of the PSP handheld gaming device they’re calling the PSP Go. According to reports, Nikkei, which just happens to a rather large media company from Japan, has news that Sony amalgamating their handheld gaming device with a mobile phone is true.Although the source is quite reliable, they haven’t really confirmed the information but have mentioned that Sony intends to compete with the iPhone and its gaming development. Of course this could also just mean they intend to develop a new mobile handset with better gaming functionality for motion gaming and then again I’d personally like to believe there’s a PSP Mobile in the works.