Monday, March 30, 2009

Extract Text From Images!!! Free download!

I am sure many times you must have fallen into a situation wherein you wanted to capture text from images but somehow couldn’t able to do that. People try various things but end up writing down everything manually through keyboard. Now there is a simple solution for this problem.
is a small freeware utility through which you can capture the image on the screen and then can easily convert the captured image to text. Believe me it’s very simple and easy to use utility. Have you ever came across a pdf document that is protected and you cannot copy text from that? Here, JOCR comes into the picture. It will simply take a kind of screenshot of that pdf document and then it will convert that screenshot (which is an image) to text. Very simple funda, right?

JOCR can capture a particular region, any window or an entire desktop. After you finish capturing the image, just click Recognize button and that’s it you are done. The conversion of image to text will start and in no time it will recognize the text within the image. JOCR automatically opens a notepad for you and you can paste the recognized text in that notepad.

Few key features of JOCR are:

  • Its pretty small in size – just 84 KB.
  • It recognizes almost 20 different languages.
  • It’s totally FREE to use.

Note: JOCR requires Microsoft Office 2003 or higher version installed in your machine. That’s because it recognizes various languages from Microsoft Office Document Imaging that is a part of MS Office 2003

or higher. So just make sure it’s installed in your machine.

Download JOCR from HERE.