Saturday, January 17, 2009

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus video eyewear introduced

Carl Zeiss announces the updated version of its ZEISS Cinemizer video eyewear called Cinemizer plus.
The new Cinemizer offers high-resolution LCD screens with diopter focus adjustment from -3.5 to +3.5D. When viewed from a distance of 6 feet it appears as a virtual 45-inch screen as the resulting images are optically tuned. The older version features on-ear headphones while this latest version also lets you plug in third-party headphones. For better management, its on-cable controls are now shifted to the main battery unit and the eyewear is equipped with 3D mode for viewing 3D content.
It includes two nose pad adaptors and sliding ear pieces. The Made for iPod certification makes it compatible with all Apple iPods video as well as also iPhone/iPhone3G.
The Carl Zeiss Cinemizer plus is said to be available from March in US, UK and Germany. The price is not yet announced.